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The Impact of Kindness!


When you start to share acts of kindness something magical begins to occur inside of you. Within your heart, you will start to feel more balanced. Life may not always be great, but you will start experiencing pockets of contentment and unexpected joy, and that can be big. You will discover there is a creative force carrying you forward, encouraging you to leave stones in secret spots, awaiting discovery by a random stranger. Acts of kindness are habit forming. 


A group of 200 children at a day camp in New Jersey participated in The Abundant Love Project and posted proud photos of their creations that were left near a local senior center. Imagine the joy that was felt when someone who might feel more alone that loved, found a stone imbued with childlike creativity.


One lonely stone can create a ripple into the world, touching the lives of those who make the stones and find them. A young man in Australia found a stone and wrote a very enthusiastic message letting me know—with F-words galore—that he loved this project and thought it was #%*-ing awesome. Kindness IS #%*-ing awesome. Let’s keep it moving forward. Allow kindness to become the scaffolding on which you drape the fabric of your life. Let it be the framework that sustains you when all else falls away. Share it with others and watch it change the world.

If interested in supporting the Abundant Love Project, please contact us.

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